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Pregnancy Pain

Ease Your Pain, Naturally

There are many joys that come with expecting a baby, whether this is your first child, or your third. But you probably won’t find joy in the swollen ankles, aches, and pains that can accompany being pregnant. You don’t have to suffer with pain, even if you don’t want to take over-the-counter pain relief medications. We believe one of the first steps in finding pregnancy pain relief is understanding your pain and what’s causing it in the first place.

Holistic Pregnancy Pain Relief near me

How Your Body Changes During Pregnancy

You’ve probably spent some time reading books and articles about what to expect when you’re expecting. You probably also have regular visits with your obstetrician, and you’re carefully watching the development of your baby. But you may want to focus as well on how your body changes during pregnancy, and how those changes can result in aches and pains.

Every woman and every pregnancy is different, but you can expect changes in your:

  • Hormone levels
  • Ligaments
  • Musculoskeletal system
  • Gastrointestinal system
  • Cardiovascular system
  • Respiratory system
  • Weight
  • Fluid retention
  • Sleep
  • Sight, taste, and smell
  • Breast, uterus, and cervix
  • Hair, skin, and nails

As your body changes to prepare for the eventual birth of your child, ligaments stretch, your uterus expands, you gain weight, your center of balance changes, and more.

Types of Pregnancy Pain

All of those changes can result in aches and pains that can make it difficult to sleep and concentrate. Most pregnancy pain is mild to moderate, although sciatic pain can be debilitating. Here are some of the pains you might experience at some point during your pregnancy:

  • Pelvic pain during pregnancy
  • Back pain during pregnancy
  • Round ligament pain in pregnancy
  • Hip pain during pregnancy
  • Sciatic nerve pain in pregnancy
  • Lower abdominal pain in pregnancy
  • Pubic bone pain during pregnancy
  • Rib pain during pregnancy
  • Vaginal pain during pregnancy
  • Groin pain during pregnancy
  • Tailbone pain during pregnancy
  • Belly button pain during pregnancy
  • Chest pain during pregnancy
  • Gas pain in pregnancy
  • Leg pain during pregnancy
  • Ligament pain in pregnancy
  • Rib pain in pregnancy
  • Vaginal pain in pregnancy

As you can see, there are a lot of aches and pains during pregnancy pains that you can experience, and most are very normal, and may come and go. But just because pregnancy pain can be common doesn’t mean you have to suffer through the pain. There are several non-invasive methods to find relief for your aches and pains.

Pregnancy Pain FAQs

Q: When is pregnancy pain serious?

A: If you have severe pain of any kind, you should call your doctor. Most normal pregnancy pain is either mild to moderate, but bothersome enough you want it to stop.

Q: I’m so tired. How can I sleep better during pregnancy?

A: Being pregnant can wear you out. Begin by going to bed earlier to get more rest. You may want to sleep on your left side to avoid acid reflux. You can use special pillows to support your back and spinal alignment. Finally, if you can, take naps, schedule routine massages or get treated regularly by your chiropractor to help alleviate the pain and keep your energy up.

How Cima Health Can Help

Cima Health provides restorative, lifelong solutions that target the root cause of your pregnancy pain. Your care will start out with a comprehensive evaluation to assess the pain. We will also ask questions about your health history, home life, lifestyle, and habits before making recommendations for an integrative plan of care. Together, we come up with conservative and alternative treatments that can help you have a healthy and active pregnancy and increases your odds of an uncomplicated delivery.

Treating and preventing pregnancy pain involves several treatment modalities, all of which you can receive in one location. They include:

Chiropractic Care

Dr. Natalie specializes in helping expectant moms as well as new moms, by providing Prenatal and Postnatal Care tailored to you and your pregnancy. She works as part of your pregnancy team, and can communicate with your OB, your midwife, your doula, and anyone else devoted to helping ensure a healthy pregnancy and uncomplicated delivery.

As a member of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association, Dr. Natalie has specialized training in pregnancy chiropractic care. She is a Webster-Certified chiropractor, one of only a few in Palm Beach County. The Webster Technique is a specific chiropractic sacral analysis and diversified adjustment for pregnant women. These techniques help you have a healthier pregnancy and a safer birth.

Functional Medicine

The functional medicine team at Cima Health can help create a healthy diet and nutrition plan for you. This can also include supplements. Certain foods in pregnancy can help reduce inflammation, morning sickness, heartburn, and more. We will also tell you what foods to avoid. Eating a balanced diet and getting the proper nutrients helps you and your baby. The doctor might also recommend using essential oils or special pillows to help ease pain and help you sleep.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy via specialized pregnancy massage or prenatal massage can relax you and relieve multiple types of pregnancy pain. Getting a massage is also a way to pamper yourself during your pregnancy. Massage is totally safe, and your massage therapist knows what trigger points to avoid. And when it’s time to deliver, if you’re not progressing like you had hoped, you may choose to receive induction massage.

Aesthetic Treatments

Self-care is important during your pregnancy. A healthy and relaxed mom makes for a healthy baby. In addition to regular massage, take advantage of our Aesthetic Services while you’re here. Schedule a facial, brow and lash tint, brow shaping, facial waxing, or other treatment. You deserve to look and feel your best!

Physical Fitness

The physical fitness team of personal trainers at Cima Health can tailor an exercise and stretching program to you to help increase your strength, endurance and flexibility – all of which help you prepare for the big day. Exercise also increases the blood flow to the placenta, so your baby benefits too!

And being physically fit can also help ease certain types of pregnancy pain. And the team will be here to support you after your baby is here, to help you feel more energized and help you lose the baby weight safely.

The team here at Cima Health all work closely together to help relieve your pregnancy pain, and support you to help ensure you have a healthy and happy pregnancy.

Read What Our Patients Have to Say

I've been seeing Dr Natalie DeJesse for half my pregnancy and I wish I knew sooner to go to her. All the staff is very friendly and helpful. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is pregnant/ not pregnant. I definitely feel better after seeing her. You’re the best Natalie 😊 Heather V.
Dr Natalie is an amazing doctor. My pregnancy is giving me a lot of back problems and Dr Natalie was able to help me with a very thorough and personable approach. She actually takes time to listen to you and then provides an excellent chiropractic service. I will definitely come back to see her many more times before my delivery. Heidi R.
I have severe sciatica this pregnancy and never been to a chiropractor before. I had a great experience and was able to feel about 75-80% better after my first visit. I can now function and do daily living tasks without screaming from shooting nerve pains. Lauren D.
Book an Appointment

If you’re looking for a non-invasive, medication-free, and integrative approach to treatment for your pregnancy pain, book an appointment today. Dr. Natalie will do a comprehensive examination to get to the root cause of your pain and develop an integrative plan of care to relieve your pain, prepare you for giving birth, and inspire you to achieve whole-body wellness.


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