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"In order to be healthy you must follow the Triune of Health every day."
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Functional Medicine Chiropractor Palm Beach Gardens Over the course of four decades, Palm Beach Gardens Chiropractor, Dr. James Cima researched and studied Functional Medicine and the best ways to help people get better and stay that way. A prolific author/lecturer, he’s experienced in all aspects of health care and has written books for professionals and laypersons alike. The result of his explorations is a unique treatment protocol you’ll only find at Cima Health and Wellness. With varied solutions to suit your needs, we help all ages achieve incredible health.

Dr. Cima’s inspiration came from a quote from none other then “Thomas Edison a man of future vision”.

The doctor of the future will prescribe no medication but will interest his patients in diet, care of the human frame and the cause and prevention of disease.

Triune of HealthThis quote is what our practice philosophy is based on. Called the “Triune of Health”.

The Triune (three sides united to form one) of Health states that in order for a person to be healthy, they must be in perfect balance physically and chemically as well as mentally and emotionally. Each side accounts for 33 1/3 percent of your health.

The Purpose of Functional medicine is to look at every individual from a physical, chemical and mental/emotional perspective. When any of these aspects are out of balance, the result is sickness and disease. To be healthy, we’ll restore the well-being of your body and mind.

In addition to chiropractic care, Dr. Cima offers nutrition programs based on blood chemistry analysis to assess the chemical side of health. This technique determines which type of diet is best for you, based on exactly what your body needs. We’ll examine what glands or organs in your body are malfunctioning and how to return them to their optimal state. Our programs go beyond dietary recommendations and take into account your particular body chemistry.
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Partnering for Your Success

It’s important that we form a partnership with you in your recovery. We’ll give you the information and resources you need so that you can fully participate, taking responsibility for your results. When you’re educated on what you can do, you’ll become your own doctor!

Our compassionate, caring team has a passion for improving our community’s health, one person at a time. We love seeing how well our patients respond to our care. Contact us today to find out more! You’re welcome to schedule a complimentary consultation for a blood chemistry analysis with Dr. Cima.

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