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Loss of Sex Drive

Low Libido Causes and Solutions

If you or your partner have lost interest in sex, it can be quite distressing. But keeping your loss of sex drive (low libido) to yourself is not the solution. We believe talking with a medical provider and learning about the root cause of your low libido is the first step to resuming a healthy sex life.

Get your sex drive back naturally

What Is Low Libido?

First of all, libido is just another phrase for your sex drive, or desire for sex. Libido can vary dramatically from person to person – some people have a higher sex drive – both men and women. There is no “normal” sex drive, as it’s unique to every individual. Your sex drive is influenced by a number of factors, and when something is out of whack it can cause low libido.

Low libido or loss of sex drive is defined as a decreased interest in or intensity of sex. It can mean no mental or physical interest in any sexual activity, including masturbation.

What Causes Low Libido?

While some causes of low libido or loss of sex drive are the same for men and women, there are many causes that are unique to each sex. So, we have divided the causes to reflect that.

What Causes Loss of Sex Drive in Women?

A wide range of physical issues and hormonal changes can cause a loss of sex drive in women. Psychological factors can play a part as well. Here are some common causes:

Again, getting to the root of what’s causing your loss of sex drive is the key to restoring your libido.

Low Libido FAQs

In addition to some of the more basic questions about loss of sex drive or low libido, here are a couple more frequently asked questions and answers.

Q: How does alcohol affect libido?

A: Alcohol is a depressant, so while it may make some people less inhibited, it can interfere with the ability to perform. Chronic heavy drinking can lead to low libido.

Q: How do I get my sex drive back?

A: If a low libido is distressing to you (and perhaps your partner), it’s important to get to the underlying cause before embarking on any sort of treatment. In many cases, making some lifestyle changes is all it takes to get your libido back. Keep reading to learn more.

How Cima Health Can Help

Cima Health provides restorative, lifelong solutions that target the root cause of your low libido. Your care will start out with a comprehensive analysis that will allow us to tailor treatments to your needs and goals. We may also ask questions about your work and home life, medications you take, lifestyle, and habits before making recommendations for an integrative plan of care. Together, we come up with non-invasive and alternative treatments that can help you get your sex drive back and restore your health. We also hope to inspire you to achieve whole-body wellness.

Diagnosing and treating a loss of sex drive involves several treatment modalities, all of which you can receive in one location. They include:

Let’s take a look at how each of these areas works together to provide you with better health and inspires you to make lifestyle changes to prevent problems in the future.

Functional Medicine

In many cases, a low libido can cause serious problems in a relationship. But in many cases, it’s an easy thing to address. Our functional medicine team will run a blood chemistry analysis which will show any hormonal imbalances or underlying conditions you may have that could be causing your loss of sex drive.

After a comprehensive analysis, we’ll develop a nutritional plan and healthy diet that can help restore your libido and restore your health. We’ll make recommendations to limit alcohol intake, stop smoking, and other lifestyle changes that will support a healthy sex life.

And since low libido can be linked with obesity, if you are overweight, we will also develop a healthy weight loss program tailored to you. Shedding excess pounds can help restore your sex drive.

Medical Care

If your blood chemistry analysis indicates you’re a man with low testosterone levels, the medical care team can assess whether you would be a good candidate for testosterone replacement therapy, or TRT. A man’s testosterone levels peak in the teens and 20s, and gradually decline after that with age. TRT can help restore your sex drive and energy.

Chiropractic Care

Regular chiropractic care can help keep your spine in alignment, which helps your nervous system operate at peak performance. Nerve restriction and impeded blood flow can result in performance issues, which can reduce your sex drive – it’s a vicious circle. And if aches and pains are preventing you from enjoying a healthy sex life, chiropractic adjustments can give you pain relief that will allow you to focus on resuming a healthy sex life.

Our Palm Beach Gardens chiropractors are all highly trained professionals and include:

Physical Fitness

Regular exercise, especially when combined with a healthy diet, is proven to promote a healthy sex drive. For example, exercising and losing weight can restore estrogen levels and boost testosterone, and can help regulate insulin levels. Pilates can help reduce stress, and regulate your cortisol levels.

Our physical fitness team of personal trainers can help develop an exercise regimen tailored to you that boosts your energy and helps you reach peak performance. Your exercise program and suggested routine may differ based on whether you’re a man or a woman. And we want to ensure you don’t overdo it – studies show too much high-intensity endurance exercise can actually lower your libido.

The entire team at Cima Health works together to provide you with coordinated care and restorative, lifelong solutions.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Dr. Cima and his team work magic. Looking for a chiropractor who you will love? Cima Health and Wellness is the place. Shawn G.
I highly recommend anyone who wants to feel better, live better, and learn how to improve their quality of life become a client of Cima Health. I am learning how to become healthier and also have better mobility thanks to treatments and information provided. Mary O.
The recent rebranding doesn't do justice to what Cima health offers. I look at it as "aging positively". Yes, you might go there to get an ache or pain rubbed out. But they offer so much more. They go beyond treating the symptoms, by getting down to the cause. That may include nutrition, lifestyle choices, exercise, and what else is needed to make you feel better. My personal trainer recommended going here for a chronic injury. Terry C.
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If you’re ready to get your sex drive back, feel better, and live a healthy life, we can help. Book an appointment today to determine the root cause of your symptoms and get a treatment plan tailored to you.


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