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Acute and Chronic Conditions We Treat

You are more than your condition. At Cima Health, we partner with you to develop a multidisciplinary, coordinated care plan that treats the whole person, and not just the condition. We delve into your health history to find the underlying causes that other doctors might have missed.

Our team of health professionals is dedicated to empowering you with restorative, lifelong solutions that will leave you feeling stronger, more energized, and inspired to achieve whole-body wellness.

Below is a list of many, but not all, of the conditions we treat. We encourage you to set up a consultation to see how we can help you and your family.

CMA Health Whole Body Poster

Musculoskeletal Conditions

Many of our patients come to see us for the first time because of acute (sudden) or chronic pain. We provide natural pain relief for many of our clients.

Back Pain

According to the National Library of Medicine, nearly 80% of Americans will suffer back pain at some point in their lives. It’s more common as we age, but students can suffer from back pain as well. Chiropractic adjustments, stretching, and exercise are some of the treatments for:

  • Lower back pain
  • Upper back pain
  • Middle back pain
  • Back pain during pregnancy

Neck Pain

Neck pain can sap your energy and make it hard to function. Make it part of your self-care to address neck pain as soon as it strikes. There are many neck pain causes, and once we determine the source of your pain, we’ll develop a personalized treatment plan to provide you with neck pain relief. This includes:

  • Neck and shoulder pain
  • Neck pain and headache
  • Neck and back pain

Shoulder Pain

If you have shoulder pain, it can be hard to care for your family, reach for dishes on the shelf, dress yourself, or play your favorite sport. We’ll determine what’s causing your pain, and work with you to provide pain relief and restore mobility. We treat:

  • Shoulder pain
  • Shoulder blade pain
  • Frozen shoulder

Ear Pain/Ear Infections

Ear pain and ear infections are more common in infants and children, but can affect you at any age. We provide natural ear pain relief for:

  • Inner ear pain
  • Pain behind the ear
  • Ear and jaw pain
  • Ear infections

Groin/Hip Pain

Groin pain can have different causes in men and women, as can hip pain. Our team will determine what’s causing your pain and create a coordinated care plan to offer you pain relief and lifelong restorative solutions. We treat:

  • Groin pain in women
  • Groin pain in men
  • Hip pain
  • Hip flexor pain
  • Hip joint pain

Knee Pain

When your knees hurt, it’s hard to do much of anything. If you’re an active, on-the-go type of person, you want knee pain relief. We offer an integrative approach to give lasting or long-term results. We offer personalized treatment plans for:

  • Back of knee pain
  • Knee pain when bending
  • Medial knee pain
  • Pain behind the knee cap
  • Knee pain after running
  • Knee pain when walking

Foot Pain

Foot pain can be excruciating and can limit your mobility. Our team gets to the bottom of what’s causing the problem and can develop a treatment plan for:

  • Top of foot pain
  • Ball of foot pain
  • Bottom of foot pain
  • Foot arch pain
  • Side of foot pain
  • Diabetic foot pain
  • Nerve pain in the foot
  • Heel pain
  • Plantar fasciitis

Ankle Pain

Ankle pain can be due to an injury, but you can also have sudden ankle pain without injury. We can help you with either one. It’s important that your ankle fully heal so you don’t have problems in the future. We treat:

  • Back of ankle pain
  • Inside ankle pain
  • Front of ankle pain
  • Outside ankle pain

Car Accident Injuries

Being in a car accident can be traumatic both emotionally and physically. In many situations, you may not realize you were injured until you wake up with pain in the following days. We can help you find pain relief from a number of car accident injuries, including whiplash injury.

Bell’s Palsy/Facial Pain/TMJ

Facial pain and muscle weakness associated with Bell’s Palsy and TMJ can affect you physically and emotionally. We offer a supportive team of health professionals to work with you to restore your health and expression.


Headaches and migraines can be debilitating, keeping you from doing the things you enjoy and caring for the people you love. We specialize in finding the root cause of your headaches, to provide headache relief. We treat the issues behind:

  • Tension headache
  • Cluster headaches
  • Headache behind the eyes
  • Headache in back of the head
  • Migraine headache
  • Headache and nausea
  • Hypertension headache
  • Headache during pregnancy

Abdominal Pain

Sudden and severe abdominal pain may require urgent care. But abdominal pain from diarrhea and constipation affects us all at one point in time – infants and octogenarians alike. Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) can result in chronic diarrhea, constipation, or both, and is marked by abdominal pain, as well. IBS can ruin your social life and harm your professional life.

You may be interested to know that regular chiropractic care may help restore bowel function. We may be able to help you with:

  • Abdominal pain and bloating
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
  • Chronic diarrhea
  • Constipation
  • Abdominal pain during pregnancy
  • Baby constipation

Elbow Pain

Do you have a mysterious elbow pain? It’s not as common as many other joint pains, but can put a damper on your daily activities. With some tests and questioning, we’ll figure out what’s causing your pain and develop a plan to relieve your pain and restore your mobility. We treat the cause behind:

  • Inside elbow pain
  • Elbow joint pain
  • Elbow pain when lifting
  • Elbow pain when straightening your arm

Carpal Tunnel / Wrist Pain

Carpal tunnel is one of the most common causes of wrist pain. While severe cases may require surgery, we specialize in carpal tunnel treatment that provides restorative, lifelong solutions. You may have carpal tunnel syndrome as a result of repetitive motion at work, but you can also suffer from carpal tunnel during pregnancy.

Pregnancy-related Pain

While pregnancy can be a very special time, it can also be a time of new aches and pains. And since you need to avoid most pain medications, you need some natural pain relief. Good news! Dr. Natalie DeJesse specializes in helping expectant moms and new moms get pain relief, as well as feel stronger and more energized. She can help you with:
  • Back pain during pregnancy
  • Pelvic pain during pregnancy
  • Hip pain during pregnancy
  • Sciatic nerve pain pregnancy
  • Vaginal pain during pregnancy
  • Groin pain during pregnancy
  • Pubic bone pain during pregnancy
  • Rib pain during pregnancy
  • Stomach pain during pregnancy
  • Ligament pain pregnancy
  • Tailbone pain during pregnancy
  • Leg pain during pregnancy

Painful Menses/Vaginal Bleeding

You don’t have to suffer through painful periods. Our team can help you with:

  • Period pain
  • Period back pain
  • Vaginal bleeding


Fibromyalgia demands a multidisciplinary approach. You suffer from musculoskeletal pain, but you may also have issues with fatigue, sleep, memory, and your mood. When you come to Cima Health, we will develop a coordinated care plan for your fibromyalgia treatment to provide you with lifelong, restorative solutions. The goal is to minimize your symptoms and improve your general health.

IT Band Syndrome

Iliotibial Band Syndrome (ITBS) or IT Band Syndrome, most commonly affects athletes, including runners. If you’re having sharp or aching pain on the outside of your hip or knee, you may have a tight iliotibial band. The IT band is a tendon that runs along the outside of your leg, stretching from your pelvic bone to your knee. When it’s tight, it rubs against your bones, causing pain.

Herniated Disc

A herniated disc in your neck or spine can cause pain, numbness, and weakness in your arms or legs. Discs (or disks) are the body’s cushions that sit between the vertebrae of your spine. Also known as a ruptured disc or slipped disc, this condition occurs when the jelly-like substance in the center of a disc pushes through the rubbery exterior of the disc.


Arthritis, or osteoarthritis, happens when the cartilage that protects a joint wears out, causing pain and stiffness. It usually starts with one joint, such as a knee. Aging is the most common cause of arthritis, although a previous injury can also be a factor. We’ll work with you to reduce pain and restore range of movement.

Physical Health Conditions

While pain can lead many of our patients to find relief here at Cima Health, we also help patients with a variety of physical health conditions find restorative, lifelong solutions. These conditions can also be referred to as systemic health conditions, because they affect one or more of your body’s systems.

Brain Fog/Fatigue/Sleep Issues

If you have brain fog or fatigue, it’s nearly impossible to focus and remember all of the important things you need to do each day. The team at Cima Health in Palm Beach Gardens can help you clear the fog, get better sleep, and feel more energized. We help patients with:

  • Brain fog
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Insomnia

Balance Problems/Vertigo

If you have acute or chronic balance problems, we can help. We can also help you if you’re suffering from vertigo. Your individualized treatment plan will depend on the cause of your balance problems. Rest assured; we have providers who specialize in helping patients through balance retraining, nutritional choices, and more.

Two kinds we treat: Benign positional vertigo ( crystals in ears) and cervicogenic vertigo (coming from the neck)

High Blood Pressure

There are many ways we can help you reduce your high blood pressure without the use of medications. The high blood pressure treatment plan we develop for you will be tailored to you and the cause of your elevated blood pressure. Treatments may include chiropractic adjustments, nutrition coaching, working with a personal trainer, and other options.

High Cholesterol

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), nearly 100 million Americans have high cholesterol. Since high blood cholesterol can lead to heart disease, it’s important for you to try and lower it. But you don’t necessarily have to go on medication to do that.


If you have hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid) or hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid), your thyroid gland produces either too much or too little of the hormone thyroxine. You can lose weight, gain weight, have trouble regulating your body temperature, and just generally not feel well. Though chiropractic care, nutritional, and lifestyle changes cannot cure thyroid issues, these modalities can help you manage your thyroid levels.

Digestive Issues

We all love a good meal. But sometimes our favorite foods can lead to digestive issues. These can be embarrassing, painful, and lead to sleep problems. Our team can help determine what is causing your digestive issues and develop a personalized treatment plan to help you deal with:

  • Heartburn
  • Indigestion
  • Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)

Diabetes and Hypoglycemia

If you or a child has Type 2 diabetes or prediabetes, there are things you can do to change the course of your life without medications. And if you have insulin-dependent Type I diabetes, there are things you can do to live your best life and prevent health complications.

Palpitations/Heart Conditions

Do you have heart palpitations or other heart conditions? Our team of providers may be able to help you. Chiropractic care may be part of the solution to restoring your well-being. That’s because the abnormal position of your spinal vertebrae can interfere with your nervous system.

Sinus Issues

Do you have trouble breathing through your nose? Do you get frequent sinus headaches or sinus infections? The providers at Cima Health may be able to help you breathe easier and say goodbye to sinus issues without the use of medications or surgery. You might be surprised to learn how we can do that.


A bad, recurring, or constant headache can make it hard for a busy person to function. Headaches are a message from your brain that something needs to change. We’ll figure out what’s causing your headaches and develop an integrative plan of care to offer you restorative, lifelong solutions.

Postpartum Pelvic and Pubic Symphysis

Sometimes when a woman gives birth, it results in an abnormally wide gap between the two pubic bones. This is called the postpartum pubic symphysis. This condition can cause acute pelvic pain. The good news is we can treat it, and relieve your pain.

Autoimmune Disorders Such as Rheumatoid Arthritis

Autoimmune disorders, such as rheumatoid arthritis (RA) happen when your body’s immune system is overactive. Your immune system may produce antibodies that attack and damage your tissues, rather than protecting you from infection. Our treatments focus on helping to calm your immune response naturally.

Hair Loss

Hair loss can be distressing at any age, but especially if you’re younger. We can treat your hair loss based on what is causing it. Hair loss causes can include:

  • Heredity
  • Illness
  • Stress
  • Vitamin deficiency
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Thyroid problems
  • And more

Vitamin Deficiency

A vitamin deficiency can cause a whole host of problems. A simple blood chemistry analysis can help determine if a deficiency is behind your symptoms. We check for:

  • Vitamin D deficiency
  • Vitamin B12 deficiency
  • Vitamin A deficiency
  • Vitamin C deficiency
  • Vitamin B deficiency
  • Vitamin E deficiency
  • Vitamin K deficiency
  • And more

Hormonal Imbalance

A hormonal imbalance can wreak havoc on your life. If you have unexplained mood symptoms, with loss/gain, fatigue, or gastrointestinal problems, a simple test can reveal if hormone imbalance may be to blame. We can then work with you to restore balance and improve your well-being.

Loss of Sex Drive (Libido)/Erectile Dysfunction

Loss of sex drive (libido) can be distressing for men AND women. So can erectile dysfunction. We help discover what’s causing your loss of libido or ED, and come up with a treatment plan to help you get your sex life going again.

Low Testosterone

Low testosterone is a hormonal imbalance most frequently seen in men. Levels naturally drop as you get older, but younger men may have Low T as well. We’ll investigate and determine the cause before developing a plan of action.

Weight Gain

Losing weight can be hard, especially as you get older. But losing weight can make you feel better physically as well as mentally. We can help you by developing a weight loss program tailored to you. This may include nutrition coaching, an exercise program, Body Contouring, and more.


Skin care is self-care. Boost your confidence and overall well-being by treating your skin condition. Our Aesthetics at Cima Health team provides a variety of skincare services, including:

  • Acne treatment
  • Back acne treatment
  • Rosacea treatment
  • Hyperpigmentation treatment

Read What Some of Our Patients Have to Say

One Month ago, I was diagnosed with Carpal tunnel by a Neurologist and was told I had to have surgery. After reservations of getting surgery (yet again) I did some research about Chiropractic practices for this issue and was pleased to hear that it could help. And it has, very much. Cima Health has a great staff, Dr. James there has been a great Improvement and no stiches! Thank you both!!! I would recommend them any day!!!!! Robert C.
Very friendly, very clean! Made me feel right at home! Steffanie was very professional and very thorough! Will be back soon! Angela B.
I’m very fortunate to have found Madison. She has transformed my skin with regular hydra facials. She is very knowledgeable in skin care. In addition to being an excellent aesthetician Madison has a lovely warm personality. Michelle P.
Shannon is amazing, she has been treating my acne and is doing what medicine and doctors couldn't do. She is very professional, gentle and knowledgeable. I'm very happy my acne is going away after years. Alba C.
Highly recommend. Great staff, who is extremely helpful. Dr. James Cima is very knowledgeable, genuine and cares about his patients. He takes his time to analyze the problem and takes his time to provide the proper treatment. The atmosphere is very relaxing and I always walk out feeling great! Ben J.
Great experience from the very first phone call. Friendly staff, the appointment was on time and Dr. Natalie is amazing! Chris B.
Huge fan of Dr Natalie! I went to her a couple times throughout my pregnancy & she helped me with back pain & to sleep so much better all the way to the end. Now taking my son to her for wellness! She is so good with babies & she even made us comfortable when I needed to feed my son in the middle of our appointment. Great experience every time. Cortney C.
I went to Dr. Natalie when I was pregnant because I was having pain in my pelvis and she helped me manage it very well. Also, we uncovered another issue with my hip alignment and linked that to the jaw pain I had for more than 5 years. I cannot wait to go again to start treating my jaw pain with Dr. Natalie! Jen
I can't recommend Dr. Natalie enough!! First started going to her to try to induce labor (delivered at 41+5), and always felt better mentally and physically after our appointments. Now 2 weeks pp she not only adjusted me and my baby (which wow did I need!) but she took time out of her day to patiently sit with us to help me latch and feed my son for the first time! Coached me through doing it once we got home and gave me the encouragement and support to have the fortitude to make it through the night. Now we are breastfeeding like pros and I have Dr. Natalie to thank for saving this special relationship for us ❤️❤️❤️ Monica R.
Lovely people, very caring and informative. Sandra S.
Incredible practice. From initial contact to visit the team and doctors are professional, kind, and gifted in their work. Highly recommend Dr Cima to anyone looking for help. Ethan S.
Dr. James Cima is an exceptional Chiropractor and very attentive to all my needs. He makes sure I receive expert care every visit and especially after my car accident. We are rehabilitating my body and I am confident Dr. James and his team will get me back to enjoying my life with my family and daily activities. He offers many options to heal the body from the inside out. I can confirm that Cima Health and the entire staff is top tier and I wouldn’t go anywhere else! Jessica H.
My back has never felt better!!! The Dr. and massage therapists are amazing!!! They are professional and effective at getting the results I need. The staff is super friendly and I have never waited more than a couple of minutes to see the Dr./massage therapist. All around the best experience I have had in any Dr.’s office😊 Christianne
Friendly, knowledgeable, great staff, docs, and therapists. April J.
Dr. Cima and his team work magic. Looking for a chiropractor who you will love? Cima Health and Wellness is the place. Shawn G.
“My daughter, Avery got her first ear infection when she was 4 months old. By the time she was 1, she had over 15 ear infections! Many of them were double ear infections!
Dr Natalie is so amazing with my two kiddos! She adjusted my baby girl at 5 days old, and then she adjusted my 3-year-old son when he was showing early signs of ear infection and helped his body drain it out better. She is so amazing what a godsend 😊 Kait R.
I've been seeing Dr Natalie DeJesse for half my pregnancy and I wish I knew sooner to go to her. All the staff is very friendly and helpful. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is pregnant/ not pregnant. I definitely feel better after seeing her. You’re the best Natalie 😊 Heather V.
Dr Natalie is an amazing doctor. My pregnancy is giving me a lot of back problems and Dr Natalie was able to help me with a very thorough and personable approach. She actually takes time to listen to you and then provides an excellent chiropractic service. I will definitely come back to see her many more times before my delivery. Heidi R.
I have severe sciatica this pregnancy and never been to a chiropractor before. I had a great experience and was able to feel about 75-80% better after my first visit. I can now function and do daily living tasks without screaming from shooting nerve pains. Lauren D.
Doctors, Staff & Office are outstanding! Clean, Professional, Personal, Thoughtful, Courteous and Kind. Had me feeling better on my first visit. The place to go to feel better mentally & physically. Great People! David S.
I came in for severe shoulder/neck pain, after a couple sessions with Dr. Parker through his expert guidance I am now pain free. I continue to see Dr. Parker as he coaches me on full range of motion and functional training. I feel better than ever thanks to him. Jeremiah C.
I found this office and its staff to be top notch, extremely attentive and caring from the receptionists to (especially) Dr. James Cima. He knew exactly where to start with helping me, his skills in dry needling seem to be fantastic (my first time experiencing that treatment) and I can’t wait to keep coming back. Thank you all!!! Christine D.
Dr. James Cima is a miracle worker! First time I’m seeing significant results from extreme, long-term pain with my rotator cuff shoulder issues in months. I’ve tried traditional acupuncture, PT, massages, topical pain relievers, ice, heat, rest….and on and on, for months. It originally started last spring (9 months ago) and the past two months have been increasingly more painful every week, at times agonizing, and at the least non-stop pain to the point of debilitating. The dry needling produced the absolute most significant results along with the massage work (from Jessica), which was fabulous. Bonnie M.
It feels amazing when your provider takes the time for you. I mean looks you in the eye and really listens to what you are saying. Not only was I being heard, but all of my activities and lifestyle were taken into consideration when evaluating my therapy and the next steps. There’s more….my treatment is taking care of not only my symptoms but also other areas that may contribute/cause my pain. Love this group!!! Gaynor M.
I highly recommend anyone who wants to feel better, live better, and learn how to improve their quality of life become a client of Cima Health. I am learning how to become healthier and also have better mobility thanks to treatments and information provided. Mary O.
The recent rebranding doesn't do justice to what Cima health offers. I look at it as "aging positively". Yes, you might go there to get an ache or pain rubbed out. But they offer so much more. They go beyond treating the symptoms, by getting down to the cause. That may include nutrition, lifestyle choices, exercise, and what else is needed to make you feel better. My personal trainer recommended going here for a chronic injury. Terry C.
Excellent care all around!! Dr. DeJesse is amazing!! Kelly H.
Very friendly, excellent at listening to my needs, communicating in a way that’s approachable and providing instant relief and solutions. Brianna R.
I cannot say enough good about Dr. Natalie. She is set apart from any chiropractor I have been to. She really takes her time to understand your needs and is excellent at what she does. Raymah M.
Dr. Cima is a knowledgeable, caring & compassionate doctor who dedicates his time to actually fix you. He studies your body & condition & puts together a treatment plan that gets you back in superb condition. I have not felt better in months after just my first visit. Finally found someone who can work with the body without aggressive movements & who is also gentle, kind & caring. Tali S.
Great family business plus you are treated like family the minute you walk in the door! A revolutionary blood test that tells them exactly what nutrients you are needed. They get you on the right path of a healthy lifestyle through eating, exercising (they have their own gym) and proper supplements. Thank you, Cimas...I haven't felt this well in years. Gary B.
Most amazing Doctors around, they help me consistently with my aches and pains and even have helped me cure my headaches, cramps, and stomach problems. Very well educated in many aspects and look to help cure the underlying problem, not just mask the symptoms. Will be a patient for life! Madison B.
I have been working with Dr. Brandon Parker for roughly 8 weeks now and I couldn’t be happier. Not just does my body feel better and stronger overall we have worked a lot on mobility and range of motion (particularly in my hips) with each session I’m learning more about areas that seem to never get any exercise and learning how to strengthen those areas over time whether it be at home or at the facility. Very, very pleased with Dr Parker and Cima Health as an organization. They also have an extremely friendly staff that’s willing to help and work with you!! Dietz
Thank you for excellent care and overall health support. Linda S.
Dr. Cima and his staff are excellent. The front office has been incredibly accommodating and easy to work with. Dr. Cima is very knowledgeable and takes a holistic approach to patient care. He explains things clearly and I wish I had started seeing him sooner for my TMJD. Would highly recommend it. Phoebe C.
I have been a patient of Dr. Natalie DeJesse for a few years now! I came to see her because I was suffering from so much TMJ pain and headaches, as well as muscle spasms all over my head and neck. She also helped me with the tinnitus I had developed as a result of my TMJ problems. Dr. De Jesse and her wonderful massage therapists helped me get rid of the pain in my neck and head, and relaxed my sore muscles. I had to undergo a total replacement surgery on my left TMJ and she gave me wonderful support, before and after, during the process of my surgery, she is amazing and a very caring doctor. I fully recommend her and the excellent staff at Cima Health. Monica G.
Everyone who works at Cima Health are just so kind and really goes above and beyond for their patients! I have been coming here for years to see Dr. Cima and he does a great job of looking at me as a complete person - he doesn’t just adjust and send you on your way. He will ask about lifestyle/diet/stresses etc. that could be contributing to more or less pain you are experiencing. I highly recommend checking them out for really any service they offer! Alyna B.
The magic hands of Dr. James helped me yet again yesterday. I went in total pain and while I’m not cured after 1 visit, I know I will be after a few. Renee & Holly at the front desk are always able to squeeze me in and I know I will always be treated like a valued patient. The treatment of patients is truly like old friends (I have been going since they opened). This is not your normal chiropractor's office they are friendly, and caring, and remember all the little things about you that make you feel so comfortable. Fifi H.
Dr. Cima is a knowledgeable, caring & compassionate doctor who dedicates his time to actually fix you. He studies your body & condition & puts together a treatment plan that gets you back in superb condition. I have not felt better in months after just my first visit. Finally found someone who can work with the body without aggressive movements & who is also gentle, kind & caring. Tali S.
Dr. Cima's office is the best in Palm Beach County, hands down!!! The staff is always friendly. Dr. James is awesome. I was in extreme back pain for almost three months, after going to see him I was pain free after 2 sessions. I highly recommend Cima Health to EVERYONE! You will not be disappointed!!!! Mike F.
Dr. James Cima is phenomenal at his profession. He’s always so joyful and welcoming with his great smile. He’s gone above and beyond to fix back and neck pain. I would highly recommend Cima health! G. Danza
Identified my issues quickly and presented an action plan very quickly. Frederick M.
I've been to many practitioners both in NY and Florida and none compare to Cima Health! The myriad of treatment modalities, competent friendly staff, and exceptional facilities make this my go to place! I always end of with a great outcome! A+ in every form and fashion!! Stan M.
They've always gone above and beyond! The staff has always been so welcoming & everyone up to the Dr is very, very knowledgeable which is a comforting feeling. Corin S.
Dr. Cima and his team are absolutely amazing! The knowledge, kindness and expertise are top notch. Will definitely keep coming back! Mary S.
Dr. Cima was so kind, compassionate and VERY patient with me, I tend to talk in circles🙄😁 He's working on a plan made specifically for me and my MANY issues! I can't wait to work further with him and his practice to get my health, strength and happiness back in track! Tammy Q.
Neck was in pain for a solid week and my orthopedic doctor referred me to Dr. James Cima. Dr. Cima listened intently to my story on how I felt an immediate sharp pain in my neck from a pull up and I described the location and symptoms. Dr. Cima immediately diagnosed the cause and told me, “You’ll feel better today before you walk out.” I was skeptical at first, however, I FELT BETTER!! I am grateful to have found his practice and staff are all sweet and they all have the warm feeling of a place that just feels like they’re all there for you. Thank you, Dr. James and staff!!! P. Sanchez
Dr. Sparks listened to all the current issues, giving thought to prior issues and treatments. I had severe pain from the neck to the burning sensation in my feet. First visit was a complete recovery of pain but some bit of soreness. His education that he provides while performing the treatment, caused me to make some life changes; for the better. Kathleen C.
Very good, conscientious care each and EVERY time that I go. Very warm and friendly staff who do a great job. Innovative and not afraid to try newer techniques which is a huge plus as newer technologies become available. I couldn’t recommend any higher. Chip C.
Identified my issues quickly and presented an action plan very quickly. Frederick M.
Dr Cima opened up my mind to a more holistic therapy for my health. I have believed in this for years and I feel lucky to have encountered a doctor who can help me achieve optimum health. Anita N.
Love the people here! They truly care about your health! Steve C.
Very friendly and totally professional. I always feel 100% better after I leave Cima Health. The entire staff is courteous. The long- and short-term health programs are easy to follow and i could say after going there consistently for over a year I feel like a new person. Don't wait, Cima Health is truly the best and at 70 years old I've been to them all. Jack M.
Dr. Natalie is so amazing with my two kiddos! She adjusted my baby girl at 5 days old, and then she adjusted my 3-year-old son when he was showing early signs of ear infection and helped his body drain it out better. She is so amazing what a godsend 😊 Kait R.
Thank you for your excellent care and overall health support. Linda S.
You and your staff were amazing. The attention I received in addition to the knowledge of the body was extraordinary. I look forward to a long relationship. Richard P.
They've always gone above and beyond! The staff has always been so welcoming & everyone up to the Dr is very, very knowledgeable which is a comforting feeling. Corin S.
Very professional, personable and capable. I always know when I come thru their doors that I will get the best of care. I highly recommend Cima Health. Julia M.
It was pure good fortune that I found this agency when I needed physical therapy after knee replacement. Dr. Christine Drake leads the team of Austin and Kim, all seasoned, caring professionals. It's one on one therapy, which I believe is vital to recovery. No cookie-cutter therapy here. They bring in different modalities to help in your recovery, my favorite being laser therapy. Your program is developed with your complete recovery in mind. You work hard, and everyone shares in your progress and victories. They care about your emotional well-being, as well as your physical recovery. When I had my second knee surgery, there was no question I would return. I'm doing well and look forward to my PT. I can feel the progress and know I'll be returning to this wonderful, healing place and people. Ask Austin about Pilates or Kim about training after recovery. Dr. Christine will tell you more about cupping therapy and how dry needling can help you. I can't wait to try it all. Call Renee, who makes sure the office runs smoothly, and make an appointment. You'll be taking a big step towards your health and wellness. Nancy M.
Very friendly and totally professional. I always feel 100% better after I leave Cima Health. The entire staff is courteous. The long- and short-term health programs are easy to follow and I could say after going there consistently for over a year I feel like a new person. Don't wait, Cima Wellness is truly the best and at 70 years old I've been to them all. Jack M.
Cima Health is the most positive patient experience I have encountered… initially, I went to Dr. Cima for his functional medicine knowledge. Now a year and a half later, I am still on his suggested path to wellness… with his treatments and suggestions, I have lost weight, built muscle strength, and overall live a better, healthier life. Cima’s “Total” Health approach is like no other. No wait time, love the atmosphere and of course, the treatments and therapy are the best! N.S.
"Shannon is a genius with skin care. My skin positively glows and looks better than when I was young. 😊" Christine M.
"You will be in the best of hands when seeing Madison for your skin care needs. She is passionate about what she does, extremely knowledgeable, and will explain every step so you know what to expect. I saw results after just one treatment and can’t wait to return." Jesse D.
Absolutely the best care! In today's world where it is all about the numbers it is so refreshing to be treated in a wellness facility where your health is the Drs number one concern. All the Drs on staff take the time to make sure that you leave the office feeling better than when you walked in, and work to get to the cause of your issue, rather than just treating the symptoms. I cannot say enough about the care that you will receive from the team here! TJ S.
Wonderful Chiropractic office. Always on time with appointments and so far, they have fixed my Plantar fasciitis, a shoulder issue, and back problems. Cannot say enough about their professional work ethic and fun approach. From the front desk to the massage therapists to the Chiropractors, absolutely fantastic office. Highly recommend. Pholomena D.
Very personalized treatment. Friendly, caring, competent and well-trained professionals. I was given several different types of treatment for pain relief and a home program that was helpful. Penny A.


I am very pleased with the staff, very friendly and helpful. The doctor has a wonderful personality and will spend time with me and answer any question I have. I am very glad I went to this place for help. Many thanks! Scott H.

Achieve Whole-Body Wellbeing with Cima Health

Scheduling a consultation with the doctors here at Cima Health is the first step towards restoring your health. We help patients with a wide range of conditions feel better and develop a greater sense of whole-body wellness. We look forward to partnering with you and guiding you on the path to lifelong well-being.


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