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About Us

Dr. Cima's BookIn practice since 1977, Dr. James Cima established Cima Health and Wellness back in 1981 to help improve the lives of families and individuals in Palm Beach Gardens . We’ve had the privilege of watching our community grow as well as my family ever since. We take care of all ages and types of injuries, helping you and your family achieve your goals and feel better than you ever thought possible.

The Quest for True Health

Dr. Cima’s desire, drive and dedication to the natural health profession began in 1975 when he read a powerful quote by Thomas Edison:

The doctor of the future will prescribe no medication but will interest his patients in diet, care of the human frame and the cause and prevention of disease.

Over his decades in practice, he’s created a program of care that helps you achieve incredible health.

Our Head-to-toe, Inside-Out Approach

Functional medicine chiropractor Dr. Cima consulting with a patientWhile attending New York Chiropractic College, Dr. Cima began utilizing Sacro Occipital Technique® (SOT®) and seeing amazing results. This method not only works with your body’s structure but takes into account your cranium, organs and glands to bring a full-body approach to health care. After gaining this holistic perspective, Dr. Cima began a decades-long journey to understand what true health was and how to help others get better and take responsibility for their well-being.

To do so, Dr. Cima developed expertise in, endocrinology, laboratory diagnosis, biochemistry, clinical nutrition, neurophysiology, cranial therapy, neuromuscular reeducation/trigger point/myofascial release, exercise physiology and rehabilitation.

We at Cima Health and Wellness do not want you and your loved ones to face cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer and so many other types of sickness that are all too common in today’s world. Instead, we offer Functional medicine, nutrition and chiropractic care that can help you enjoy the highest levels of health, well into your later years.

Discover what your body needs to be healthy. Contact our office today and schedule a time for a complimentary consultation about our blood chemistry analysis!


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